What We DO?

We are a team of individuals who joined together with people, to ignite a light in the life of Childrens by educating them

What We Do?

Tisso runs a school for young childrens in which around 200 students were getting educated. They were from different parts of the city. In the school we have 25 staffs for educating the children.

Around 25 students were staying in Tisso Homes and getting educated at our school. To take care of the childrens we have 3 staffs for House keeping, 2 peoples for cooking and 1 Gardener.

The home and school was taken care by Mr.Anandhan the Administrative Officer for TISSO Homes.

TISSO SCHOOL and Teachers

Tisso school is having classes for students from Ist to Xth Xth Standard Tamil Medium CLasses. The school has well-qualified experienced, vibrant, compassionate and matured staffs. They undergo periodical training and seminars to update themselves. Our caring and committed teachers are the pillars of our school.

They Teach our children not just with their minds but with their hearts. They make learning enjoyable and imbibe in children a sense of belonging and togetherness in all they do. The school’s high level performance in the board exam speaks volumes about the caliber of the teachers and their dedicated work.

Extracurricular Activities

In our school we also give more focus and priority for extracurricular activites and Sports in addition with education.

The school have its own play ground where students practise to play both outdoor and indoor game such as cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, Kabadi and Ko-ko.

To boost their strength and make them to face any situations, students are trained with Kungfu and Karate. To make them relaxed they will attend Yoga and dance classes in our school.

Students were also trained with Spoken English classes, to make them understand everything practically we have laboratories for science and Computer. To enhance their knowledge and to improve their reading skills we have Library and Smart Class Rooms